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Things to Do

Within the property

There are a variety of activities in and around the property. From Badminton, a mini pool table, snooker and various indoor games, there are plenty of things to keep both adults and children engaged. Additionally you can take drives/walks to the river, go birdwatching and take tractor rides.

There are plenty of beautiful spots for picnics and treks. 

Nearby places of interest

For those religiously inclined,Kukke Shri Subramanya temple (60 k.m, 1.5 hr drive) and Dharmasthala (76 k.m,1hour 50 min drive) can be visited.

For the historically oriented, Belur (34 k.m, 50 min drive), Halebidu (50 k.m,1 hr drive), Bettada Byraveshshwara temple (32 k.m, 59 min drive), Munzerabad fort (5.3 k.m, 10 min drive), Sakleshwara temple

For the adventurously spirited, there are many hills and waterfalls that one can visit for treks and picnics. From the scenic Jenukal Gudda, Pandavara Gudda and Ombattu Gudda hills to Hadlu waterfalls and the Hemavathi resevoir (66 k.m) the options are plenty.

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